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Well let me ask it this way... If I already have double deeps with brood in both boxes, do you think it would be a mistake to add another deep as a super? Or who would go smaller in this case? Thanks for all the input so far.
Again, it is personal preference. I don't think the bees care. However, I am only 5'6' and not in your kind of shape. Uniformity of frame size is very important to me. That could be mediums or deeps. Obviously, I choose medium.

Another consideration is your extractor. If you have a small extractor that requires deep (or medium) frames to be put in "tangentially" and turned half way through the extraction process, I have found much more breakage with that kind of extractor and it would be even worse with bigger frames. If you have a radial extractor that handles deep frames and you can handle the weight of the full boxes of honey, I would go for a universal size, in your case deeps.

And the most important thing in all things is Enjoy Yourself!