Hi all again, thanks so much for answering my feeding questions. I'm into my 2nd week and for the 1st 4 days I had an in-hive feeder (1 gallon) with 1:1 syrup and a pollen patty on top of the excluder. I took it out Sunday as my neighbor with bees said with the activity he's seeing it looks like they're finding plenty of their own food. There was about 1/5 left in the feeder when I took it out. I left the pollen patties in. There's also a huge blackberry honey flow on now for the next couple of weeks and they were already drawing out the 2 empty frames so they now have 2 new empty frames in place of the feeder. That said, the folks I got the bees from said unless they've got 80% of the frames drawn I may want to keep feeding.
I plan to do my weekly check Saturday so my feeling is if they're not on all frames maybe put the feeder back in? I guess that's a "that depends" question, just thinking out loud.
My main question relates to the hive itself. It's one of those mason jar beehives - 8 frame deep brooder with a 12 mason jar honey super above the excluder. Pretty neat idea but the more I read the less comfortable I am with it. It seems to be hit and miss as far as getting the bees up there (ya starter strips, etc but they don't seem foolproof from what I've read). Also some thoughts that they can actually lead to swarming so I think I'm going to build a regular deep super and start with the 4 empty frames I have on hand (buy 4 more to fill) and just go the regular route. Maybe put the mason jar super on top as an extra to see if I can get a couple of jars filled with comb as a novelty but not my main honey source.
The bees had already started making comb up to the jars as of Sunday so not sure where they are right now. The one great feature of this hive is it comes with drop down viewing windows so I may be able to see in enough to get an idea.
Anyways, thinking out loud, feel free to correct

PS - activity is crazy and at least 1 good brood hatch has happened...