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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadeguppy View Post
    I cut the parts to make ten medium nuc boxes, but am looking for a more efficient way to ensure that the corners are square. I went the easier route and have the long sides going the full distance with the ends fitting between the sides. I am not nailing them to bottom boards as some will be top boxes to put feeders in or a second level box. I checked the first one by putting it on a nuc box someone else made with proper finger joints and ended up putting the only clamp I have that was big enough to pull mine into near square and hold it to dry because it was not squared.

    Any suggestions? I'd like to put all of them together tomorrow without waiting for each one to dry before starting the next one.
    Why not cut a piece of plywood to the exact inside dimensions of the box, drop inside once you are assembled.

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    My problem was making straight cuts of the correct length. Once I learned to make multiple pieces with the saw-fence set the same it helped a bunch. With amateur experience and tools it ainít easy to make the same cut twice, so do all the 20 inch cuts, then all the 10 inch cuts etc.

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