Cappings and Wax Melting
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    Default Cappings and Wax Melting

    I have numerous buckets of my cappings and wax from last year. There is too much for a solar melter. Can anyone recommend a melter. I have been thinking of one made by Maxant where water is added and then the cappings are melted.
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    Default Re: Cappings and Wax Melting

    Get an old turkey frying pot and a cheap paint strainer bag from Lowe’s. Melt it down, pull the bag out, it’ll have all the gunk in it. Then let it cool. You can remelt and filter better if you need it cleaner.

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    Default Re: Cappings and Wax Melting

    Here is a video on the maxant melter

    How many hives are you working? do you do a lot of cutouts were you generate a lot of wax each year? IMHO you have to be generating a ton of wax each year to justify a melter like the above. Otherwise a turkey roaster like previously mentioned is a great alternative as you can set a low temp and not worry about burning the wax.


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