OAV Treatment with new Queen?
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    Default OAV Treatment with new Queen?

    I just re-queened this hive this past Thursday June 6. The hive (8 frame deep) was installed from a Nuc on May 4. The queen was accepted and I am waiting for her to start laying. At this point the hive has 5 frames of nectar and honey and 3 frames of drawn comb. I did not do a mite count. I want to begin to treat for mites anyway. My question is.....is it ok to do an OAV treatment with a new queen in the hive??? There is no brood, larve, or eggs.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: OAV Treatment with new Queen?

    We usually wait for eggs which still gives you a few days before being capped, assuming you will be around to check her progress.
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    Default Re: OAV Treatment with new Queen?

    I've treated a colony with a virgin queen before now but through ignorance, not choice (it was a large cast, not a prime swarm), and there were no ill effects. She got out and mated with no problems. If you can wait for brood then it's probably a good idea.
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    Default Re: OAV Treatment with new Queen?

    I don't know of any scientific backing for my opinion, but I would wait. Maybe I am superstitious but I wouldn't want to do anything to upset the hive or give her a bad rep with her colony until she is laying well. I would reconsider my opinion if I thought I had a mite problem (counts, DWV) for sure. J

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    You have 7-8 days from the day she first starts laying to OAV without capped brood present. Ideally, I would OAV on day 7. She should not abscond with a week's worth of eggs and larva in the hive.


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