Not much pollen in hives
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    Default Not much pollen in hives

    I live in Northeast aTennessee. I Went thru several hives today. What I noticed is there is not much pollen in the hives. I also noticed that even in hives where I saw the queen there was no eggs or young larvae but there was older larvae and capped worker brood. So is the queen taking a little break? Or is she taking a break because the pollen resources are low? In the hives that similarly had no eggs or young larvae and I did not see the queen it made me suspicious that the hive was queenless. But they looked just like the hives that I did see the queen in. I also noticed that there is not much drone brood in the hives either. So do they cut drone production this early?

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    Default Re: Not much pollen in hives

    sound like you are in your dearth now It might be time to feed. check with your local beekeepers


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