Can Apivar strips cause toxicity?
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    Default Can Apivar strips cause toxicity?

    I was watching my bees just now, noticed one on my hives that I had just made up from a 5 frame nuc. It is the weakest of 3 nucs. Every few minutes a bee would exit the hive and tumble/stumble to the ground. Got closer and noticed several dead and dying bees on the ground. I had placed 2 Apivar strips 1 week ago. The package insert said to treat all hives in the apiary but could the cluster been too small for 2 strips? I guess it could be some other toxin or disease but the other nucs are not affected. I'm trying to be pro-active for mites, have lost several colonies due to mites.

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    Default Re: Can Apivar strips cause toxicity?

    take a look at the directions, the strip are to be a minimum number of frames apart, can't remember how many at the moment, I would only have 1 strip in a 5 frame nuc
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