Capping honey question
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    Default Capping honey question

    I have about 5 medium supers that are pretty heavy. many of them are 100% capped and ready for extraction. Some are 50% to 100% capped.

    the flow is about over here. Will the bees finish capping off the honey in the next week or so when there is no flow going on?

    It is raining here now, and expected for the next few days. Will they continue to cap the honey any faster since they are all in the hive waiting for the next time to get out?

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    Default Re: Capping honey question

    They will cap it when it dries down to about 18% moisture. If you're having rain & high humidity, it may take bit longer. If a frame is 80% capped, it doesn't stop me from extracting. I will put frames that are NOT capped in a small room with a dehumidifier and blow a fan through the supers. It doesn't take long to get it to 18%.

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    Default Re: Capping honey question

    I am finding that while some of mine are not all capped, the honey inside is still at 16%, so if they don't cap it in the next 2 weeks, I'm going to pull it and harvest it.

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    Default Re: Capping honey question

    I sometimes extract partially capped frames. A quick field test is to "shake" or "sweep" the partially uncapped frame. If nectar visibly sprays out, I leave it. If not, I extract. But when I say partially capped I mean mostly capped with a minority portion uncapped.
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