Red malformed bee
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    Default Red malformed bee

    This is my first time posting on mobile, so bear with me please. I did not get a picture of the sick bee in question, but I have a fairly vivid memory of her.

    In my hive I found a single red bee in the top brood box. I was unable to check the lower brood box as the queen was in the upper box. This bee was reddish, her eyes were reddish, and she was shaped like a worker bee. She had full wings, but she looked almost wet and clearly fragile. The other bees ignored her, and she waggled her rear and fanned her wings as I tried to grab her. I also noted a white spot between her "shoulders" that looked almost like a wax sheet. Without thinking, I plucked her out and tossed her onto the ground. I did not get a picture. I did not ensure that she was dead. I know this was a mistake, and as this is my first year keeping bees, I suspect I will make many more.

    The hive had also recently had a SHB boom that I'm trying to corral back down.

    Does this odd bee sound like anything familiar?

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    Default Re: Red malformed bee

    Sounds like a genetic abnormality, keep an eye out for the “waxy look” on workers tho.


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