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    So I've had a top bar hive in my back yard a few years now it has a solid bottom no screen what so ever. Last year I found hive beetles in the hive but decided not to treat them to see if they could control them. All season long I went through the hive periodically and the beetles seemed few at best so now we are up to this year and no beetles to be seen at all not one. I've not had this experience in my out yards in my Lang's. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen. I'm assuming the hive is strong enough that theve took things in hand and evicted there little pests. That being said I've had this hive for close to five years and haven't ever treated it for varroa either. They don't seem bothered in that Dept either they just seem to get stronger

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    So, these bees are building their own foundation? It's a pretty strong colony? I run feral bees. They seem to survive the Varroa mite better than we beeks. I'm in the process of changing my hives over to foundation-less.

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    Hive beetle pupa can not survive cold winters. hive beetle hitchhike north every spring on packages. Where do you live? Alex


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