I split my one hive 5 weeks ago. I checked on both hives through their viewing windows after 2 weeks, they seemed fine, and then at 4 weeks. At 4 weeks I found the new hive, the split, doing great, but the original hive had been decimated by varroa. I would normally have caught this, but i have a baby in the house, so time to get up on the roof to go through the hives is very limited.
I treated the original hive for varroa, but the numbers are really low. To give you an idea, they’re gathered on only 4 bars/combs, and the comb is maybe half covered with bees on each one.
My question is, can i take brood from the split and put it in the original hive to try and get them to raise a new queen? Is this too much stress on the split? Will this even do anything at this point or is the hive a lost cause?