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    Hi all. Just looking around for some info and decided to join here. I have been keeping bees for about 25 years. I live in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York so this location is one of the worst for keeping bees. Temperatures reach 30° below zero Fahrenheit and wind chills can approach 50 below. The season is very short and I noticed ice covering everything this morning even though it is 4th of June. I am looking to increase the number of hives this year after losing all my bees last year when it went to 10 below zero last November. I have two over wintered nukes which I purchased last year and brought home about May 1. I’m making some 2 frame nuc boxes and figuring out how to feed them a little. I make all my equipment with lumber from my sawmill after drying it in the kiln. I use white pine, basswood, and cherry some times. Like everyone else, finding the time to do this is a challenge even though I am “retired”. The bees produce very unusual honey here and most people say that it doesn’t have “that honey flavor”. I think it has to do with the basswood trees here, plus the fact that I harvest the honey before the goldenrod blooms. People call me from all over the country and want to purchase my entire honey crop, which is not very big. There is no agriculture here and it’s mostly forest with lots of lakes, ponds, and small rivers/large streams, and few roads, and no traffic. No agricultural activity means no chemicals but the lack of farming just indicates that this area is too cold to support much farming. I hope to find some good info here from folks who are doing the same things that I am. I’m interested in the Slovenian hives, horizontal hives, mite control, and realize that after all these years, the Langstroth hive is something that I may no longer be using and will have to phase it out after losing so many hives over so many years. I have my 6 frame swarm traps out and now all that is needed is some warm weather. Maybe by July........

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    Welcome to Bee Source. Sounds like you have a good area, forage wise, for your bees but it must be challenging also with the cold temperatures.
    "Sometimes the best action, with bees, is no action at all."

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    Welcome. I am near Albany, NY. Not far from you and sometimes similar temperatures. Don't give up, there are lots of beekeepers in the adirondacks.
    Lloyd Spear

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