No More Misplaced Hive Tools
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    Default No More Misplaced Hive Tools

    My Mann Lake Pro Vent bee jacket with hood has a side pocket with flap. I took a seem ripper and opened the end of the flap and inserted a K&J Magnetics style B-X0 30.5 lb. standard mounting magnet The wife then took her sewing machine and closed the open end of the flap, as well as placed a vertical stitch on the other side of the magnet so that it wouldn't slide around in the flap. Isolating the magnet within its own pocket. Problem solved! Magnet holds that hive tool like a champ. Now I don't have to buy a dozen hive tools at a time to replace all the misplaced ones.

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    Default Re: No More Misplaced Hive Tools

    good solution. all my suits have pockets too big for holding tools securely.


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