Old girl was doing everything but laying eggs
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    Default Old girl was doing everything but laying eggs

    I had a hive being robbed out last weekend. I pulled all the frames for storage in the freezer. I found the queen on the last frame walking around alone. I had another hive that was queenless, so I let her go right in the front door.

    Checked that hive this weekend. Found the queen walking around with workers tending to her. Even saw he stick her rear end in several cells. But no eggs were being laid. And no signs of eggs/larvae since a week had passed.

    I pulled her out and placed a frame of eggs/larvae in the hive. Hopefully they will successfully produce a new queen.
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    Default Re: Old girl was doing everything but laying eggs

    i just squished a drone laying queen this past weekend. Gave them eggs and young larvae. I have new queens arriving this week so i will kill any QCs they make and give them new mated queens later in the week.


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