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    Default Request help w/ fogger

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone has figured out these Ukranian foggers. I have two of them and will be using them for OA treatments. I cannot seem to find the fuel can anywhere online, or any information regarding the fuel can. There is currently fuel in the can, but when I turn the orange cylinder, it just twists at the base where it connects to the fogger. The black plastic base unscrewed a bit and released some fuel, which was real fun...

    Does anyone have any experience with these things? I bought the foggers knowing I'd have some work / research regarding the fuel, as its a European model, but I am sure there are adapters I can buy to make it all work.

    Or, does anyone have a copy of the manual they could send me?

    There should be a picture attached to this post.



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    Default Re: Request help w/ fogger

    There have been other posts where folks were trying to find an adapter to fit the European version of this fogger. I am not aware of any success. Besides, the fogger is a realy crappy way of administering the OAV, I have a Burgess fogger that I bought for this purpose a few years ago. Consider the money you spent the price of education and buy a Varrox wand, or even better, a Provap or similar. Ultimately, you will be glad that you did.
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    Foggers dont work! There are several threads in this.


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