How to take a trap with bees down mid-day (video).
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    Default How to take a trap with bees down mid-day (video).

    Sometimes one must take the trap down mid-day, for any old reason.

    Here is a video how you can remove a trap mid-day WITHOUT losing bees (non-English).
    Letting the bees in, one way.
    Not letting the bees out.
    This same idea can be done in many ways (a piece of clear plastic tubing, etc)

    1:15 - look at the simple cone made from window screening.
    3:40 - look at the install details.
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    Default Re: How to take a trap with bees down mid-day (video).


    This is a great idea- I wish I had thought of this earlier in the week. I ended up using a propolis-coated cafeteria tray and a Q-Tip with QMP and LGO on it. Accomplished the task, but the one-way funnel would have been a lot more efficient.

    Thank you for posting- I am going to file this one for future reference.

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    Default Re: How to take a trap with bees down mid-day (video).

    How long would you have to wait for the majority of foragers to return? Would you figure on a foraging distance of up to 3 miles x the average speed of the bees to figure it out? I guess you could tell based on visual observation, wait until the traffic slows significantly. You'll never get them all I suppose.


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