I have a colony that has been struggling with chalk brood. I first noticed the problem on 4/7. This was a few days after a new queen commenced laying. 10 days later I had to treat with Formic acid for a high varroa count, so I had to keep the SBB closed.

I asked the hive host to remove the SBB tray after the mite treatment but she never did, so when I inspected today the mite count was good but there were a lot of mummies in the broodnest and on the floor. Today I opened the SBB and removed a couple of frames from each box and added follower boards. I'm hoping the improved ventilation, young queen and reduced amount of real estate to take care of will help them sort it out.

My question is what to do with the frames I removed. Some were drawn comb and some we're just wax foundation. Can I use the foundation in other colonies? Or should I just toss all of it?