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    Question Distance Between Hives...

    I recently got another hive. Can I set those boxes within a foot to 18 from another hive I have. What would be a safe minimum distance between boxes on a platform I constructed.


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    That's plenty of room. Sometimes when I get a few nucs or do splits I end up with more hives that I planned for and they sit side by each without a problem. I think you'll be fine.
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    In my view, it's not the distance between hives which is important, but rather the distance between entrances. So - nuc boxes with a single, central hole can be placed physically closer, than (say) brood boxes with wide slots. The sub-species of bee is also a factor, with Italians being more prone to drifting than Carnies.

    With full-width slots, I'd go for 18", with single, central holes 12" - both within your spec.

    If you can point the entrances in different directions, then place the boxes as close as you like ...
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    My telecovers often touch each other, so that's about as close as you can get. But for easy of working I prefer more butt-room b between the hives. I doubt the bees care much. In Europe, it's not uncommon for some hive setups to share common walls on a specially-built trailer.

    All my entrances face the same way, BTW, whether centered or reduced with the reducer in place.

    Sometimes I speculate that my unusually calm yard benefits, collectively, from appearing to strangers outside the yard as being a single really, really, big colony not worth messin' with just to steal a bit of honey. I have mixed-sizes of hives within the yard (from a nuc, to three-deep wintered-over Big Girls) though. I also protect most entrances nearly all the time with robbing screens, which are identical in design. A quiet. unfussed, "happy" yard is one of my main goals.


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    My benches hold 4 hives and I place each hive facing in a different direction. I think this works very well to prevent drifting. There is about 5 inches between hives.


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