My plan for this year and next is to move from having 4 honey/ brood producing hives in singe ten frame deeps, to 3. then making 6 5 over 5 nucs to overwinter and sell next year. I will split the 6 5 over 5 nucs to sell 12 5 frame nucs, I will transfer my queens from my honey producing hives to efectivly do a cutdown split on them so that I will only need to purchase 3 queens to sell all 12 nucs. does this sound like a solid plan?

I was also considering ordering deep frames and shaving them down to 32 mm so that I could fit 11 frames in my single deeps and 6 in my nuc boxes. I could then sell 10 frames as two 5 frame nucs and still have two frames leftover to build the nuc back up. My only concern is that many would no want these 32 mm frames as they are not standard. Could I just attatch some kind of small shim to the side of the frames to make them standard depth again? Of course making sure that I inform all possible customers ahead of time. your thoughts and opinions are apreciated!