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    I have my supers with drawn comb/old brood comb stacked in my garage over the winter. I finally got some time to start going through some of the boxes and found some of these critters munching on some old brood frames, and generally making more mess than my kids do while eating breakfast in the morning. What do you all recommend for eradicating these buggers? I've read that moth crystals will generally do them in, but it makes my garage smell like grandma's basement closets. My freezers are full of food, and my wife would not be too keen on me sticking these frames next to the food. Other than moth crystals and freezing, or picking them out individually, what do you all do about these guys?


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    I have a few of these too with samples sent in to id. I was scared that it was small hive beetle (which we don't have yet). I don't see many of them so far but I like to keep boxes of comb stored out in the cold of winter to get rid of most pests like wax moth.


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