Grafting: How long out of the hive?
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    Default Grafting: How long out of the hive?

    On Saturday, my 4H students are going to learn how to graft. They've practiced on real combs but they were empty.

    The temps are forecasted to be in the mid 70's.

    How long can I have the young larva out of the warmth of the hive to complete the process?


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    Default Re: Grafting: How long out of the hive?

    Joe Latshaw suggests a 3-hour transport limit for day old larva

    Cold is not the issue, In Breeding Super Bees, Taber says
    Eggs and newly-hatched larvae which have been separated from the bees will do best at 90-96% humidity and 33F. I have kept them on ice for more then 48 hours with no Ill effects
    overheating, sunburn, and drying out are the main issues you need to address


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