I am at day 6 today after the graft. I have followed to the letter the MP cellbuilder 10 over 10 plan and last night on day 5 when i reunited the mother colony with the queenless cell starter i couldnt help myself i had to take a peek at the grafting frame.

I have to preface this by saying i really struggled with the grafting process. I feel i royally suck at it and had not very high hopes for success.
The last time i grafted was in 2017 and the acceptance rate wasnt horrible but i didnt set up a strong enough cell builder and so the cells ended up small. Only one queen of the whole bunch survived that winter.

I grafted again this time around and my skills are not any better sadly.
However to my surprise 33 cells of the 45 i grafted were accepted and now that they are capped im utterly amazed at the size of these queen cells compared to the last time i grafted not using MPs methods.
These cells are HUGE and the plastic grafting cups are still full of RJ.
I had hoped to get 20 cells to make nucs with...guess i will need to get some more nuc boxes painted in a hurry! I went overboard this winter and built 50 5frame nuc boxes but i only painted 20 of them.

Suffice to say i am so impressed with this method. If someone with my atrocious grafting skills can get these results literally ANYONE can.