Rousting a cluster in a tree?
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    Default Rousting a cluster in a tree?

    Anyone had any luck in getting a cluster in tree to lift off in hopes it finds the swarm traps set below, or just a lower branch?
    Some swarms settle in trees way too high to attempt to try and get them out. I was wondering if a high powered squirt gun like a SuperSoaker or some such thing loaded with Bee Quick or simply vinegar sprayed on the tree below them would get them to lift off in an effort to choose a lower location that they might be retrieved? Climbing a ladder over 10 ft is not in the cards for me, especially with live bees in a box.

    Cheers, Phil in Fremont.

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    Default Re: Rousting a cluster in a tree?

    I have seen buckets attached to poles and a quick nudge to catch them, and drawn frames attached to poles allowing the bees to crawl on. Both work depending on the situation. Have never seen one "super soakered"
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