best medium for an SHB trap?
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    Question best medium for an SHB trap?

    Re: the flat, reusable, black-plastic traps ......

    I've used these some in the past, with the roach killer (I know the arguments against it) and they were kinda effective.

    This time, though, no SHBs seen in the cases, and the bees'd sealed the openings totally.

    Did the bees seal the things to keep out the beetles?

    OR .... were they disgusted with the poison gel?

    Maybe both?

    I have some serious beetle issues in my hives; last year, SHBs were ubiquitous [in major #s] in my 3 hives. Yet, all 3 made it through the winter w/o being overwhelmed by the vermin.

    I've used DE -- results: propolis-sealed entrances to the traps.

    Any ideas/experiences/recommendations? Thx a heap ...


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    Default Re: best medium for an SHB trap?

    you might try those instead. I think i bought a pack of 6 or something off amazon last year. Work well and you can load them with cooking oil which attracts the beetles but is otherwise harmless to the girls.

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    Default Re: best medium for an SHB trap?

    Mine is a screened bottom board made just an inch deeper than most. The dry board goes in while I powder sugar the bees. It comes out immediately after, and the sticky board goes in for 24 hours. The next day, the tray of vegetable oil goes in and catches mites and hive beetles, sometimes in pretty large quantities. Any slimy, wormy frames get frozen and replaced 2 days later.


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