Split a new feral swarm?
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    Default Split a new feral swarm?

    Background: This is my first year beekeeping. I was planning to buy a nuc or two this spring when the feral colony that has been living in a cedar tree in front of my house for the last few years swarmed. I captured the swarm and put them into an eight frame deep. They have now filled two boxes with brood and honey on foundationless frames.

    Question: Should I try to split them to get two hives this year or add a third box and try to get as many honey stores as I can to help get them through the winter and then split them or make nucs in the spring?

    Nota bene: There is apparently a dearth around here between June and September although I plan to plant an acre of buckwheat that might hopefully bridge that gap.

    Your opinions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Split a new feral swarm?

    You should have plenty of time for a walk-away split. Of course, if you feed, then you have time for multiple splits this season. It all depends on how ambitious you want to be in your first year.

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    Default Re: Split a new feral swarm?

    Split it and feed during your dearth. Feeding sugar water is cheap. Wait for honey next year when you will have 2 hives or even more if you want. This will allow you to dive right into beekeeping and learn a lot, basically for free. J


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