This looks like the forum on beekeeping I've been looking for. Not new to beekeeping, but I know there's a lot I don't know, and I'm sure I'm going to find new friends and answers to my questions.

Right now I'm in Maine and have decided 8 months of winter is more than I can tolerate. ;0) So, I'm looking for the right piece of land in Central or Eastern Tennessee to homestead (have family in VA, TN, and KY) and maybe build a small permaculture village of 4-10 families and/or singles. If any of you know of a an abandoned farm in need of rehabilitation or an elderly farmer who wants to stay on his/her farm but can no longer do all the physical work, please let me know. I'll be heading to TN toward the end of May to look at a few places I've found online, but none of them, so far, matches my imagined property of 40+ acres, about half woods, with springs or creeks on a gentle south-facing slope with view of the Smokies or Blue Ridge Mountains.

Looking forward to participating in this forum and building my beekeeping operation one hive at a time.