I have several hundred hives for sale ... untill all sold out

5 frame nucs ... in a new pro-nuc box... you keep the box... 10 nucs minimum sale ... $100 per nuc

10 frame singles.. on totally new or used 1 season equipment .. wax-dipped lids, 4way pallets, u-clips ... 2 pallet minimum sale ... $160 per hive

10 frame DoubleDeeps ... $200 per hive ... (2 pallet minimum = 8 hives)

8 frame hives available on same terms and price as 10 frame hives described above

All hives treated for mites with formic pads ...currently low mites and multiple egg/larva/brood frames ... formic pads have been removed

Located near Knightsen, CA ... 50 miles east of San Francisco, 20 miles west of Stockton

email= [email protected]