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    Ok so i am hoping for a good honey crop this year. If everything goes to plan how do i get my honey out there for sale other than just putting a sign at the end of my driveway. About 3 miles away there is a roadside vegetable store that sells local stuff . Thought that might be a place if they were interested. Not really sure how to go about seeing if they would be interested other than just asking. Maybe give them free samples? If they are interested do they buy from you and put there price on it? Or do you get paid when thee honey sell's? How do the commercial guys with there honey in say supermarkets get paid? Up front? There is a local commercial guy i see his stuff in different stores.

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    Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, work, church.
    We also do a garage sale at my brothers who lives in a town that has a Maple Syrup festival every year. I set up a table with summer and fall honey on it. I also have pretzel sticks that they can use to dip into each honey. I have people who come back to the sale every year to buy more.

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    You will need to check about licenses. Here in Montana you can sell face to face without any hoops. If you sell to someone wholesale and they resell it it's a whole different ballgame.

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    If you sell to someone wholesale and they resell it it's a whole different ballgame.

    A lot of the same wholesale/retail differentiation here. Also, if you carry product liability insurance they frequently want to know if you sell under your label and where/how you sell. I've no experience in placing products in a store under a consignment type agreement.
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