I picked a particularly strong hive which had 10 frames of capped and uncapped brood in 2 deeps. I checked for queen cells and didnt see any. Put the QE on then an empty deep, into which went 10 F capped brood from my overwintered nucs. On top of that i put a partially filled medium super with stores/nectar/pollen.
The bottom hive beneath the QE has pollen and winter patty .

I think i have done phase one correctly.
My question is obvious i guess...what the heck stops the bottom hive from swarming????
I am going to check for QCs in the top cell builder box and also in the mother colony below the QE on day 5 and again when i separate the two units on Day 10 ( grafting day).

Hope this works. I had success with grafting in terms of hatched virgins in 2017 but i didnt make the cell builder/finisher strong enough so made smaller queens of which only one did well. She is actually still alive having gone through 2 upstate NY winters.