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As long as we are on the topic of contradictory opinions….I’ll express mine on this subject.
I do not believe that one spring of feeding will alter the hoarding instincts honed over the eons.
On the other hand I also do not believe that feeding until they quit taking it is a good practice either. I advise people to do an inside inspection regularly. As long as the bees are drawing new comb and expanding their nest and taking syrup…I advocate feeding. Once the new comb drawing has slowed significantly and the syrup is mostly being stored…continue feeding until such time as they have stored enough to get through the winter….leaving empty comb for brood rearing.
The key is opening the hive regularly and inspecting. Way too many ‘beekeepers’ try to evaluate their hives without looking inside…in my opinion.
The only thing I would add is keep them drawing wax while you can, even if that means pulling frames to keep open space. Keep the freight train rolling while you can, cause it will stop.