when to add more ventilation
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    Question when to add more ventilation

    Hi, all,

    I know I need to add more ventilation, just not sure exactly when.
    Right now its a Lazutin style deep horizontal hive, 17" by 33" by 22" deep, with a follower board.

    The entrance is a 1" diameter hole on the east side, right next to the south side.

    Thing is the temperatures are still going down into the 40s for the next few days and they don't seem to be bearding.

    I plan to drill some smaller holes, perhaps 1/4" or smaller, or whatever size would ventilate, but they cannot pass through.

    Thank you for any feedback!
    My grandfather and great-uncle kept bees and my fiancée's grandfather, too. I want to pass this tradition along.

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    Default Re: when to add more ventilation

    Quote Originally Posted by Yunzow View Post
    Hi, all,

    and they don't seem to be bearding.

    I would not even bother UNTIL I see them bearding (if they ever will).

    For my Layen's style dual-entry hives - this is the time when I just open the second entrance (when I start seeing them bearding at the primary entrance).
    Waiting until they actually beard will give you a chance to evaluate - 1)IF they will beard at all and 2)IF your added ventilation is helping or not.
    I'd prefer adding an auxiliary entrance - so it works for both additional ventilation and unloading the primary entrance of the traffic.
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