wax melter for candles
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    Default wax melter for candles

    My wife has been making candles and is currently using an old crock pot, but she's having trouble with temperature control. She tells me that often the wax seems either too hot or too cold, which apparently has an impact of the quality of the candle. I leave the candle making to her, so I'm not aware of the intricacies involved. What are others using to keep the wax a the perfect temperature for pouring candles? I thought about adding a temp controller to drive the crock pot, but wanted to get feedback before going that route. I'm not looking for advice in rendering cappings (got that part), just the final stage of melting blocks of cleaned wax to make candles.

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    or if you handy you could wire up one of the PIDs people are using for band heater vaporizers
    something like https://www.ebay.com/itm/110V-240V-R...-/113201321124 (I didn't look a the specks too hard)

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    Default Re: wax melter for candles

    Look on eBay for presto pots. Great temperature control and have spouts for pouring.

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    Default Re: wax melter for candles

    Not cheap, but it's going to be what you're looking for. Maxant has a 6GT wax melter. I too have found the temp of the wax is very important when making candles. To this point for small candles I heat the wax up in a 6 cup pyrex. Once the wax is beginning to cool and solidify on the edge it's ready to pour. For dipped candles I've got a 5 gallon pot (with water) that I put a large tube in to melt the wax. I'll be going to the Maxant 6GT if I ever get my candle sales going above the 10-20# of candles I currently sell.
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    We bought one of the bigger ones on ebay last year. It worked great from March until to October. Then it started leaking out the bottom. When we bought it, it had a one year warranty. The company out of Florida wouldn't stand behind it. They said that the Chinese company they get them from wouldn't stand behind it, so they didn't feel they needed to. They changed the warranty to 6 months and accused me of melting something caustic besides beeswax. So we were out over $300.


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