Transporting frames of brood long distances
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    Default Transporting frames of brood long distances

    What's your methods just throw them in boxes net and roll or....?
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    Default Re: Transporting frames of brood long distances

    What time of day, anticipated temps, travel time, etc, etc? Side question, why just brood frames?
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    There are the usual considerations of temperature but brood covered by bees has more complex consideration than packages, nucs or established colonies. Brood needs a balance struck of ventilation to prevent overheating yet conserving heat. Another important consideration over time is an adequate food supply, there are a lot of mouths to feed.
    I have experience from working with a commercial beekeeper who had special brood carrier boxes. I do not have specific details but recall some basics.

    I believe they were over sized deeps or jumbos for be clustering space below and prevent smashing bees on bottom bars.
    They had 8 frame spacers to prevent crushing of bees from sliding frames and uneven combs not matched up from in the hive and to give some air flow. There were ‘windows’ cut out on the sides and screens for ventilation. The tops and bottoms were like a telescoping lid with the top being screened as well. The overhang allowed space between the boxes for air flow. On the edge of the lid closest to the body were eye screws so a short rubber bungee would ingeniously hold them on in place.

    I have used a deep brood box with the frame spacers and screened top and bottom being the most important considerations.

    Why transport brood? Either purchasing brood if available or it is a very efficient way to make carry away nucs by condensing what you carry to a new location. Always making sure there are enough bees by shaking some extra bees in.


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