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    I put out a nuc box with some swarm commander (q-tip in box and a few sprays as well as a frame of old wax and comb and a entrance reducer) about a week ago. Since then there have been a few bees (3-5) checking it out. I’m pretty sure a few of them even spent the night since they were still flying in and out fairly late in the day. The box is not in the best possible locations (high in a tree, etc.) for I have no trees close by. It’s actually sitting on my deck. It does get morning sun until about noon then the shade takes over. Last year I tried the same thing and only had a few bees and then all activity seemed to stop after a few days.

    I just wondering since the bees seem to be still checking it out (even in small numbers) do you think they haven’t written it off yet? Most of the activity seems to be later in the day. I’ve heard it can take over a week or more for them to settle in. Our weather has been back and forth. Nice, then wet and windy.

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    According to Tom Seeley they prefer a cavity volume of 40 liters. They will accept less or more but much prefer 40. A single deep nuc is about half that. You might add a nuc deep box to increase the volume. He also says that they prefer a south facing entrance. Height from the ground 1 meter (3 ft) and up….preferring higher. None of these are deal breakers but each adds to the desirability. If you can’t get the height…just get what you can.
    I'm guessing that swarm season is just beginning in VA. Leave the bait hive out....there's a number of weeks left in the season.
    Good luck.
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