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    When constructing a Miller or FBM type, what is the best way to seal the wooden box to hold the syrup? Would it be safe to caulk the joints? or would using beeswax be the only way to go?

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    I like to dunk them in beeswax and then seal the corners inside with a wax tube fastener, but silicone chalk works.
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    My advice is to lay a bead of silicone in all wood to wood joins prior to assembly. I have tried the wax sealing after assembling( no silicone ). They were mostly sealed but some leaks still showed up. Had to take the feeders apart and redo with silicone.

    It is good to seal all the interior surface with wax as it prevents mildewing and mold in the pores of the wood.
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    I've built a couple of them. First tip I have is that you take a little extra time with the set up and make sure you have nice tight joinery. Use a waterproof polyurethane glue such as Titebond III. Then coat the inside of the feeder with Helmsman Spar Urethane rattle can spray. Make sure you coat the joints well. In both feeders that I built that was all that was needed. I let each one sit in the sun for several days so the finish fully cured.

    I also made some top feeders for 2 frame mating nucs. I made those out of a left over PVC exterior trim board, and I just used PVC glue and screws to hold them together. After all, it works for pipes? Right? Guess what? They leaked. A bead of silicone fixed them up.

    So I suggest that since you need to protect the wood inside the feeder, spray it. After it cures, fill it with water. If it leaks then add silicone.
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