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    Yellow and white sweetclover are fantastic for honey production, I believe about 700lbs/acre. Plant both, yellow blooms first, followed by white when the yellow done blooming. Plant this year, will not start growing to next year. Plant in low acidic soil, does not tolerate too much water. Planted 6 acres last year, this year it should do its thing. Sweetclover honey is a fantastic honey and bees are attracted to it like a duck on a June bug. Great nectar producing plant. Trees are great, but the problem it takes 5yrs to a 20 for most to start being a major producer. I prefer SourWood tree, great honey and loaded with nectar. Good luck!

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    my bees really tear up the Alsike clover.
    It's like the big brother of Dutch clover that lives in your yard.
    and its also in the same family as Ladino clover.
    All produce a VERY clear thick honey from theses white flowers that are sometimes fringed with pink...
    These are often included (large percentage) of wildlife mixes and do well in wet areas.
    A 50# bag will run about $150 to $200 at the feed/seed store but this is enough to seed several acres.
    I supply my farmer friend a bag of this every couple of years to seed in the areas that freeze out in the winter in his 600 acre pasture.
    I call it symbioses &) LOL


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