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    So as the title says it's 36 out here in Lincoln Nebraska and the bees are flying strong. I have three hives in my back yard and two of them being Lang's perished when it went from warm to cold again and got trapped to far from there stores but the top bar hive is flying stronger than ever still can't hardly lift it it is so heavy with stored honey. I've never treated this hive and it seems to keep strong. Heck it swarmed twice last year and is still full of bees. It has seemed to learn to live with hive beetles it even seems to shrug off varroa. Thinking very seriously of giving up Lang's altogether and just doing TBHs. I have a out yards and I'm always having to do something to them but have a tbh in each of those yards as well and do nothing to them. They swarm if they need to and still build right back up and seem to live and thrive even with varroa and hive beetles. Has this been anyone elseses experience also I'm really thinking of changing everything over because of my experiences.the pick of the hive from a distance is from a week ago the one with them flying is this morning
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