I'm posting this ad for my father, who has retired after nearly 40 year in the business ( Shenandoah Valley Bee Co. ) .
Offered here are white poly food service trays, used extensively in the Honey industry for decades as the standard for comb honey packaging. Now seen often as Tofu containers also.
Measuring 4 3/4 * 5 3/4 * 1 5/8 deep, @1000 count per case, they accommodated a similar sized piece of comb honey, weighing 14 oz or more.

These do require a heat plate / stamper and a roll of plastic film to seal the container, if you do the math here at .06 per piece, they are considerably cheaper than other "clam shell" type containers available

Hes asking $60.00 per box of 1,000 ( .06 per piece ) which is about what the cost in 1980. If you buy all 38 boxes, hell throw in the heat sealer we used.

If interested, call him ( Dave ) at 304.820.3082. He is NOT on the net, and does NOT do email. I repeat, IF at all interested, CALL HIM @ 304.820.3082. Thanks
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