Withdrawal i guess?
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    Default Withdrawal i guess?

    Posted awhile back that I was selling my hives and equipment. Found a nice guy locally who's really excited to be getting into beekeeping. He's taken a course and quotes Michael Bush religiously. Saturday he hauled off a pickup truckload of woodenware, extractor, etc. etc. Amazing how much you accumulate in 14 years. He'll be back next week, weather permitting to move the hives.

    I don't feel as sad as I thought I would, reclaimed about a quarter of my barn, don't have to trek down to the yard to check the bees, and generally feel like a weight has lifted. Essentially my hobby had become kind of overwhelming which was my own fault. I'd get calls, "My husband used to keep bees and there's stuff here I want to get rid of...." Naturally, I had to get an OAV wand and try to keep up with the latest and greatest "stuff." I had a maximum of five hives at one point which was kind of silly as I didn't sell honey. Would read about splitting hives and had to try that, package vs Nuc-ditto. My first hive was a swarm that moved into a hive I'd set up intending to order a package. Intentionally trapped other swarms that I gave away.

    Enjoyed keeping bees, learned a lot, primarily that the more I knew, the more there was to know. I did keep back one hive and the "minimum" needed to take care of it. Planning on trapping a swarm this spring and that will be it. Mite treatment will be OAD, keep an eye on them, feed if needed. Very minimalist, when they swarm, they can go back down in the woods. I still want to see bees around, but felt it was time to get out from under all the "stuff."

    Just sharing,


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    Default Re: Withdrawal i guess?

    It sounds like you were ready (almost). Its great you found a local guy to buy your stuff. Best of luck going minimalist. J

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    Default Re: Withdrawal i guess?

    Been there,done that. You will be back in bees in less than two years. If you successfully keep bees it is impossible to quit.
    54+ years 16 colonies Treat using OAV


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