I am selling four mature hives. Queens are second year Italian queens either from Wildflower Meadows or R Weaver. Three of the hives are one deep with two supers. One is one deep with one super. I just did inspections on them and they are all very healthy. I inserted several blank frames (w/ foundation) for swarm prevention purposes. Three of them are flush with stores to take them well into spring. One will need to be fed likely in the next few weeks. All four are booming with bees. None of my hives have ever been treated. The equipment is not new, but all in good working order. I am only selling because I need to scale back my bee hobby to make time for other things.

Hives are $300 EACH or $1000 if you want all four. Some have telescoping lids. I might knock a little off the price if I replace with migratory lid.

Cash only.