Spring has sprung...sort of
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    Default Spring has sprung...sort of

    Temps at night in teens and 20's, 40's for a high the next few days then into the 50's after that according to extended forecaset.

    Will still be awhile at least here before they can bring in anything meaningful......maple being the first and is still aways out..... the Maple sappers have just started getting sap for their syrup,

    I have one colony I have a big concern with...was a double deep....8 frames of bees end of January and 1 1/2 frames of bees as of yesterday.... Last week I took off the bottom deep to help them, but I still think their cavity is too big for the colder nights...had put a pollen patty in....which they literally would not move an inch to access, so yesterday I moved it directly over the top of them...all I can do.

    How are things in your neck of the woods?
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    Default Re: Spring has sprung...sort of

    Them not moving is a sign that theyíre on brood. Iíd also be worried about carbs also, bees starve while being w/in inches of honey stores. One trick Iíve heard of this year is wet a coffee filter and pour some sugar in it, maybe try that just for insurance.
    Iím also suffering from dwindling too, dam hard winter on em this year.


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