Salt Fat Acid Heat
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    This is the title of a cooking book. I call it that rather than a cook book because close to half of it is about how those four things affect the flavors and textures of food. The other half is recipes. Netflix has a series by the same name where the author travels around the world and talks with people relating to those four things. In season 1 episode 3 about acid she goes to Mexico and talks to beekeepers. They are keeping stingless bees and they talk about their Mayan heritage and how they keep their bees pretty much the same way as centuries ago. They harvest and taste different honeys.

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    I saw that show and read about those Mayan beekeepers. It's fascinating stuff and the way they build their hives is so different from European bees!
    I live in South America and I hope to start keeping my own bees soon. I'm going to give the local stingless species a go but I know from talking to local keepers that they do not produce nearly as much honey as the European bees.


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