Pollen Patties with Real Pollen - Maryland pickup
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    Default Pollen Patties with Real Pollen - Maryland pickup

    I currently have a supply of pollen patties, 15%, made with real pollen. These are from http://globalpatties.com/ and are available for pickup in Maryland. They come in 1 lb patties and are $2.50 per pound. Bulk pricing available

    I've been using these for years, bees love them and the patties directly translate into addition brood. Low cost insurance for those cool spring periods of no flying.

    Order through www.woodcampfarm.com
    Jason Hough, Mount Airy, Maryland
    443.962.7226 woodcampfarm.com

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    Default Re: Pollen Patties with Real Pollen - Maryland pickup

    That is a good product that the bees like and readily consume. I was out pulling my little sled thru crotch deep snow putting some on today.


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