I will start by saying I am new at this ( going into second year) and if I had this all worked out I would not be troubling all of you. I have an idea for an early nuc. I'm in NW Ohio, usually spring seems to get here about Mothers day. A time when temps even out and the cold nights are slipping away.

What I am thinking about doing, depending on temperatures the first week of May , is taking a good 10 deep over 10 deep colony and putting a QE on top. I would remove some brood and larva from another hive ( I like the queen in the second hive) add some honey and put two 4 or 5 frame nucs on the top of QE, side by side. I'm thinking the nurse bees will go up and start to take care of brood. if this works I plan on taking the QE out and replacing with double screen board. Giving each nuc their own entrance. Then just standing back and waiting to see if queen cells pop up and things take off.

I'm thinking by using the double screen board I can take advantage of the warmth of the original colony. This might allow me to do this a week or two earlier in the season. I'm not interested in honey right now.

So that's my idea. I need some input from the experts to fine tune or scrap the whole thing. Help!