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    Quote Originally Posted by 1/33rd View Post
    I see you suggest a trap near an existing active colony, or at least that is how I interpret it...

    Is there a minimum distance from existing boxes that a trap can be place?...

    If it's too close, will it effect the existing colony?...

    In retrospect, I had successful traps setup about 10-60 feet (3-20 meters) away from the active hives.
    This is how I wanted to have the active hives setup in any given case (if bees moved in - they were already placed - no need to dance with relocation).

    The trap is a marker for where I want the active hive to be.
    At the same time an existing active hive should be close enough to work as a supplemental bait.

    I would not set the trap closer than ~10 feet.
    1) I don't want active hives to be too close to minimize drifting and
    2) incoming swarm can actually enter the existing active hive (happens pretty commonly).
    Then you may loose a queen you wanted to maintain to something random - a bad thing.
    Too close - increased chances of swarm landing onto an active hive.

    As for me, 10-30feet (3-10 meters) distance away from an active hive is probably a sweet spot for a trap setup.
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