Adding wax to Rite Cell waxed foundation
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    Default Adding wax to Rite Cell waxed foundation

    Setting up a couple new hives and I do not have pulled comb, but are using Rite Cell pre waxed foundation.

    I have plenty of wax, and it's winter, so plenty of time - would it make sense to add wax to the cells?

    If yes, then how - all over or just an additional stripe down the middle?

    Will be bees just move the excess and reuse it where that want it?


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    Default Re: Adding wax to Rite Cell waxed foundation

    Check out this video by David Burns. He is a certified master beekeeper...

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    Default Re: Adding wax to Rite Cell waxed foundation

    I always add extra wax unless I get the Acorn foundation with the extra wax already added. The bees will draw it out much quicker with the extra wax. Any that is sloppily put on will get moved by the bees to where they want it. I paint the entire sheet with a foam rubber brush, not just a strip down the middle. Vance G has stated that he takes a block of wax and just rubs it on. I find his advice to be pretty good so I am quite sure it works just fine as well. I believe if you do it that way, the warmer the wax is, the better it will go on.


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