What Type of Bees Should I Get?
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    I live in the mid-west (USA), specifically the Ohio/Indiana and have no clue what bees I should get for my climate/region. My research only tells me that in the United States, the Italian, Caucasian, and Carniolans are the most commonly kept. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Any honey bees will do fine in your climate. Personally, I would prefer local survivors over anything, but Carniolans would do fine.

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    you could always look up a local bee club go to a meeting and ask around for what is working in that local area.
    Beekeeping is local, maybe can even locate a Split for sale, or a NUC. If there are lots of bees around look at the Swarm Trap threads.

    Also concur with Michael local survivors is the best place to start.

    good luck


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