Roughly three weeks ago, all nine hives appeared to be doing well... flights/activity during warmer days, eating the candy inside the hive. Went out yesterday and one of the hives is dead, tiny cluster between two frames, very large pile (looks like entire hive) of dead bees on bottom board. All cells/comb empty except some brood under the cluster. Appears that I had the sugar too high above them and I'll remember for next time.

I haven't done very thorough inspections yet because even when warm enough to check candy, it's been cool enough that I kept it brief. Now I'm concerned and feel I need to be more thorough with the other hives. I'm in middle TN and will be 67 degrees on Wednesday, with cooler weather (40s high, 20s low) in the 10 day forecast.

Think I'm safe to inspect more thoroughly on Wednesday?
How can I tell where the cluster WILL be, in order to prevent in the future? When I briefly observed in late Jan, there were bees in top box and getting the candy (the now dead hive).

I hate failing the bees, and after 5 years it's humbling to make what feels like a rookie mistake. Thanks for any insight/direction/aid!

(Note: Varoa count low in late fall, but did Oxalic anyway)