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    Does this forum have the capability of creating "thread marks", i.e. marking and saving threads for easy reference in the future?

    There are often posts that are very informative that I would like to go back and review. Right now, I make copies into Word documents but that can be a pain.


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    Default Re: Threadmarks

    (moved from the faq subforum which is read-only)

    i don't know the answer to your question brian, hopefully someone who is more forum savy will chime in.

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    When logged in, you can subscribe to a thread by clicking on the 'thread tools' tab. By 'subscribing' you can place it into a folder of your creation by using the 'edit folder' tab.
    It'll save the entire thread, not a individual post within a thread as far as I know.
    Hope this helps, it's the way I save some threads for later viewing.

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    Default Re: Threadmarks

    Clyderoad is correct, but note that subscribing to a thread has exactly the same effect as 'posting' a message to that thread (except that you don't actually post a message). My point is that if you post to a lot of threads over time, the fact that you are subscribed doesn't help you find that particular thread, (especially after it scrolls off your first page of subscribed threads).

    There are, of course, "regular" bookmarks available (the browser kind, whatever device/system you read the forum on) allow you to create a link to a specific thread. To me those are the most useful way of saving threads as I can name the "saved" thread links whatever I like, and with the browsers I use (Firefox mostly, Chrome sometimes) those links can be saved into named 'folders' just like File Explorer type files on a PC.

    So you could have a Beesource folder, then various sub-folders, say, Pests, Nucs, Vendors, (whatever) etc and put the relevant bookmarks into each sub-folder. It doesn't matter if more replies are added to the thread after you make your bookmarks - it will still work just fine. In Firefox and Chrome bookmarks are created by clicking the "star" to the right of the URL/address box at the top of your browser page (higher up than the Beesource header).

    Another option is to "tag" threads. If you look to the bottom of this page at the box titled "Tags for this Thread", you can see that I added a Tag called "threadmarks". Any member can add their own tags to a thread, and they could be completely custom to that member. Note that I also added "interesting_response". I'm not particularly advocating that style of tags, but it is a demonstration that Tags can be anything you want. Tags are searchable, so you could flag threads that you wish to find in the future with a tag that means something to you.

    I think regular bookmarks are a better choice than tags as my bookmarks are under MY control once made, whereas tags are stored in the Beesource server and could be cleared without any recovery options for the member who created them.

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    Default Re: Threadmarks

    You can also email the thread to yourself and organize the topics in your inbox.

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    Default Re: Threadmarks

    Threadmarks is an add-on for vBulletin and the owners have not made it available. The add-on is at the forum level so you can't do it on your own.

    Firefox does "tagging" which works good and is quite elegant. I use Chrome mostly. I do the following:

    1) Create a new Bookmark folder
    2) "Star" or "CTRL + D" a thread that I want to have tagged in Chrome
    3) Append "#whatever" to the title of the site as I'm naming the Bookmark, where "whatever" is the tag name I like. You can append multiple times
    4) Save the bookmark in your created folder or wherever you'd like

    Now, you can either search the folder or just type the tag name into the address bar and your saved bookmarks with that tag or tags will show up.

    This actually works well, especially if you are focused on some key areas and you want to review curated, bookmarked threads with tags that you won't likely forget. Plus if you're using Chrome's sync feature the tags work across multiple PC's and mobile devices and the tags appear at the top of the results as you type in the search bar.
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