Please help with a swarm trap plan
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    Default Please help with a swarm trap plan

    So this year iíve Built 10 swarm traps. I live in the fruit belt of sw michigan and near some lumber company forest land with huge trees. Iím trying to come up with a sound plan for trap placement. I have a location down the road with a clover field next to the forest. My neighbor has been seeing bees there for 10 years but we cannot find anyone in the area with hives. Of course this doesnít mean there arenít any but iím Thinking it canít be a bad idea to set a trap out there on his place. Iím hoping to perhaps get a feral swarm from the forest in the case they are out there. What other strategies would you recommend? One thing i have done is found a place that had a 5lbs swarm this year. Theyíve already told me i can set a trap there and they also know of a local church that has swarms every year. Theyíve said i can setup there also. Living in the fruit belt, do you have any other suggested targets or game plans? Also, who would be the best people in the municipalities to contact in the case they receive a swarm call?

    Thanks a bunch

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    Default Re: Please help with a swarm trap plan


    While I will preface my response by saying that there are much more experienced swarm trapping practitioners on here, I will offer that there were two resources that were particularly helpful to me last year as I prepared to set-out swarm traps:

    Honeybee Democracy- Dr. Tom Seeley:

    LetMBee- Jason Bruns:

    Otherwise, being able to set traps in areas that have been occupied by swarms in the past seems to portend opportunities for catching swarms this year- so it sounds like you have some good prospects identified already!

    Good luck with your efforts this year.


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    Default Re: Please help with a swarm trap plan

    Contact people for municipalities: Police, Fire, Animal Control. If there are any parks, contact Parks and Recreation, Park Manager/Forester. Others to contact: Construction people such as roofers/siders. More of a long shot is Pest Control companies. Some may have a conscience and give you a call, but most would probably kill them to make money. Wouldn't hurt to try. J

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